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Killer Klowns subscription themed box

Killer Klowns subscription themed box

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Have you ever wanted a box delivered to your house monthly with spooky goodies?? Look no more! We’ve got you covered
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Killer Klowns 

🤡 Killer Klowns crop tank 

🤡 bath product 

🤡 pop socket 

🤡 freeze dried candy 

🤡 candle 


Boxes ship every 30-45 days.

If you order other items with your subscription box, all items will ship at the time the box ships.  

The 30 business day processing time WILL NOT apply to orders containing subscription boxes.


You will be charged 30 days from the time you purchased each month. For instance if you purchase on the 4th you’ll be charged the 4th the following month until you decide to cancel or pause. 


over a $100 retail value each month! 

some months will be all NYAB and some months we will throw in other small spooky businesses! 

Boxes can be shipped anywhere in the world, but shipping costs will reflect that

CANCEL anytime! 

If you’re wanting to cancel please do so before your next auto charge. No refunds or exchanges are possible on these boxes

We’re so happy to do this and if you ever have any questions please feel free to reach out!




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